The Octane Group is a management consulting firm dedicated to helping businesses maximize their performance.

Building a high-performance organization is a multifaceted endeavor.  It involves the strategic balance of investments in people, processes, and technology while capitalizing on the right market opportunity at the right time.

Our Practice Areas

At The Octane Group, we excel at combining strategy and execution – delivering both fact-based ideas and the actions to solve the problems you face.

Our expertise in market strategy and positioning; communications and collaboration; and emerging technology helps clients perform efficiently at the highest levels so they can create market-leading organizations and sustainable value for their customers.

We “frame” our expertise into four practice areas:

  1. Corporate Strategy Practice
  2. Marketing and Sales Strategy Practice
  3. Product and Service Strategy Practice
  4. Business Technologies Practice

Our focus revolves around producing results that enable our clients to:

Capture Growth Opportunities: From identifying opportunities and developing a go-to-market strategy to actually taking it to market.

Sharpen Marketing Investments: Evaluate and improve the ROI on marketing investments by mapping activities to results, identifying strategies that drive desired customer/prospect behaviors and attitudes.

Build Organizational Alignment: We understand the importance of internal marketing.  Often, informing, communicating and collaborating with employees goes overlooked or undervalued.  We believe in the value of enlisting each and every employee to embody your brand.

Leverage Technology to Accelerate Business Results: We leverage our extensive network of technology experts to provide feedback and recommendations on technology vendors and trends so you can focus on performing at the highest level.

Our high performance business strategy builds on 3 key principles:
1. Bettering Your Brand,
2. Aligning Your Team, and
3. Maximizing Your Performance.

Our Expertise

The Octane Group is known for not just recommending ideas but executing solutions — taking client projects from strategy through to successful implementation.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Launching new products and services
  • Protecting a leading market position
  • Positioning a company for acquisition
  • Generating big results for small companies
  • Breathing new life into an established brand
  • Implementing innovative social media strategies
  • Helping companies raise and leverage capital to accelerate growth

Our Services

For each of our practiceaareas, we deliver the following services:

Research: Providing unbiased insight into market trends and best practices, we help you evaluate alternatives efficiently and effectively, enabling you to bypass the learning curve.

Strategy: Formulating action plans that create business value and generate results, we can jump start your strategy deployment for you, lead your team through the process, or hand over the plan to your team to implement on your own.

Implementation: Constructing solutions based on experience that embrace emerging technology and trends, our solutions drive performance improvement in processes and people.

Follow-Up: Achieving high performance is an ongoing process based on measureable metrics and meaningful reports.   We make sure you’re staying on track as well as executing needed course corrections with the tools and processes in place to achieve and track results.

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