Activate the link between activities
and outcomes

When hitting on all cylinders, Maximizing Performance strikes a delicate balance between art and science to create programs that meet measurable business objectives. For most organizations, measuring performance comes down to top line growth; therefore, marketing and sales activities are often the first areas to be addressed.  However, building on our belief that there are no “marketing problems” or “sales problems”–there are only business problems–we take a holistic approach towards improving an organization’s performance.

Our Maximizing Performance practice addresses the following areas:

  • Marketing Performance Assessments. Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your marketing programs through comprehensive reviews encompassing marketing operations, marketing mix, campaign effectiveness, marketing productivity, the budgeting process, and more.
  • Customer Insight. Maximize customer profitability over time through insight gained from direct-market feedback programs; strategic segmentation based on value, risk and future potential; tailored customer relationship programs; proactive product development and innovation approaches, and more.
  • Sales Channel Effectiveness. Drive real bottom-line impact by identifying channel optimization opportunities and efficiency improvements, including distribution and sales strategies, sales force productivity, and more.
  • Customer Service and Support. Operationalize your brand by strengthening your customer service and support programs.
  • Reporting Analysis, Presentation and Insight Generation. Tell the compelling story of each department’s/program’s impact on business performance by constructing succinct, relevant and actionable data points communicated in reporting mechanisms customized to individual users and operating groups within your organization.

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