Finding opportunities. Delivering results.

There are no “marketing problems” or “sales problems”–there are only business problems–which is why we take input from all parts of your organization and focus them on a common purpose.

At The Octane Group, we are all about helping clients achieve superior growth in increasingly competitive markets. We believe that superior marketing begins where a lot of people think it ends: with the customer.

Getting your product or service into a prospect’s 
or customer’s hands requires understanding what’s on their minds, getting inside their heads.  That’s why our holistic approach starts with a deep analysis and understanding of your objectives, markets, target customers and competitors. And a no-holds-barred assessment of your strengths 
and weaknesses. Because our sweet spot is the marriage of strategy 
and execution, we don’t just offer insight. We help make it happen, whether that means a clean handoff to your team or taking work off your shoulders to ensure you meet aggressive deadlines.

The purpose of marketing is to drive your business in a strategic direction and deliver bottom-line results. Simply raising awareness or dressing up collateral are not enough Not merely strategic planners, we work with clients throughout the company, product and customer lifecycles, from helping to identify, evaluate and exploit new market opportunities to refining and re-energizing existing businesses, brands, and strategies.  Examples of the work we can do for you include:

  • Market analysis – transforming a deep understanding of customer benefits, needs and buying processes into marketing programs that deliver customer value.
  • Market sizing and demand assessment – delivering a realistic picture of which opportunities to pursue and – equally important – which to avoid.
  • Competitive analysis – identifying sources of strength and areas of weakness relative to competitors as a foundation for developing competitive advantage.
  • Product positioning and differentiation – finding untapped customer segments, locate gaps in your offerings, determine your degree of differentiation, and assess your positioning.
  • Channel management and optimization – ensuring that your channel strategy delivers maximum value, and that sales and marketing are working together to deliver the best results.
  • Marketing communications strategy – developing effective strategies for your newest products or services or evaluate your current marketing communications efforts.
  • Sales team training – developing effective training programs and tools for direct and indirect sales teams including telemarketing and telesales organizations.

Go to Market/Launch strategy – inline with our philosophy that there are only “business” problems, we believe successful go-to-market/launch strategies involve the whole organization.  Refer to our Corporate Strategy Practice for more of our thoughts on this process.

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