Turning ideas into reality. And strategies
into results.

Whether you’re an early stage venture or well-established company, defining, implementing and refining corporate strategy is often something relegated to the end-of-year budget planning process.  Not only is that approach something that’s difficult to get the whole organization to rally around, it rarely instills a spirit of excitement and commitment to the goals that lie ahead!

We studied dozens of companies as well as been through our own school-of-hard-knocks to identify attributes of a successful planning processes. We believe that successful processes provoke questions and facilitate conversations rather than immediately diving into updating documents and spreadsheets.  Successful planning processes rely on facts to make key decisions and involve those expected to implement the strategy in the planning process. We use these best practices to help clients reinvent their strategic planning processes.

Early on we’ll assess brand, positioning and communication strategies against your target market to assure a tight connection of your business goals and customer needs. Then, we can help you turn those insights and ideas into reality, whether that requires coaching your teams through the process, helping manage the launch or even temporarily filling senior management roles.

We believe 2 areas in particular deserve emphasis when upgrading your strategic planning process:

Competitive Strategy
A powerful business strategy focuses on creating shareholder value by producing products and services whose value exceeds the cost of providing them; capturing value from competitors, customers, and suppliers; competing successfully against others for market share; and cooperating selectively to enlarge the potential market. Central to these decisions are the challenges of selecting how and when to compete.

Successfully launching a new venture, product, and service has never been tougher, more complex or more challenging. We should know; we’ve helped clients launch new products, critical initiatives and brands — and even a few companies. We understand 
the go-to-market process and its potential pitfalls. And we’re ready 
to turn that understanding into action in ways that truly set you apart from the competition.  Even if you’re just changing important processes and procedures, deploying a disciplined launch process to the initiative will improve its chance of success.

  • Market opportunity assessment– focusing efforts on identifying the best opportunity and avoiding common mistakes in a launch.
  • Strategy formulation – addressing market sizing and segmentation, competitive analysis and business case development.
  • Competitive Strategy – addressing the challenges of deciding when and how to compete.
  • Communications strategy – including branding, positioning and crafting messages that resonate with new or existing target customers.
  • Marketing program development – establishing the fundamental building blocks for near- and long-term market success and ongoing customer acquisition and retention.
  • Organization building – assembling all the elements required to bring a new organization to life, or new life into an existing organization, and help it become a self-sustaining generator of growth.
  • Launch planning and management – applying proven techniques, tools and hands-on experience to plan a comprehensive marketing mix and execute a successful launch.

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