Business Led. Technology Enabled.

We’re constantly exploring new and better ways to deliver business value from technology.    We believe that the right technology empowers your business – but technology must follow, not lead, business requirements. Aligned strategies, processes, and organization drive the technology decisions.

Business today depends on technology as never before – to drive branding, transformation, productivity and global operations. Linking technology initiatives to specific, measurable business goals reduces the risk of just delivering yet another empty promise. To win in today’s marketplace, you must shift from traditional campaign-driven marketing to real-time, multi-channel customer interaction.

We also realize technology changes too quickly for any one company to stay on top of.   New developments such as cloud computing, social networking, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) are changing the landscape of technology in areas like CRM, marketing channels, supply chain and e-commerce. With so many new developments coming so quickly, it’s difficult to distinguish between fact and fiction. Or to know when it’s time to dive in. That’s why we leverage our extensive network of technology experts to provide feedback on vendors and trends so your organization can focus on performing at the highest level.

Our Business Technology Practice operates at the forefront of these developments, identifying and working with software vendors and technology leaders to help our clients take advantage of new technologies and approaches before their competitors make the first move. If you’re wondering what’s next, we can help.

We work with customers to define and refine their technology strategy in the following ways:

  • Leveraging Social Media — The way you communicate with your customers is changing. There is a new wave of marketing technology driven by consumer trends, the growth of marketing channels, the diversity and complexity of data and the need for interactive, customer-driven programs and campaigns.
  • Choosing Software as a Service – We work with your executive, product management, and engineering teams to think about new strategic product and service delivery options.  We’re all about helping you answer the question, “So, what’s next?”.   We not only provide research on trends, but also help you move beyond a primarily ROI-based evaluation model to think about game-changing platforms that can be developed.
  • Merging the Old with the New — Disruptive technologies, such as cloud-based computing and social CRM, are impacting enterprise systems. We help CIOs and business units define a strategy grounded in experience and research.
  • Understanding the human impact A major reason why digital strategies fail is not because of the lack of planning, but because of inexperience in how to lead in an uncertain environment of a changing technology landscape. When implementing new technologies, companies often undergo a fundamental transformation in the way they are organized and managed. Leaders need to be aware of the stresses the company will face internally as employees became more engaged via social technologies.

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