There’s a lot more to a brand than a logo
and tagline.

More than a great design or clever slogan, a powerful brand is a compelling value proposition that generates significant bottom line returns. At The Octane Group, we work hand-in-hand with our clients to bring focus and differentiation to brands, whether in the context of launching a new brand or revitalizing an existing brand. A clear and consistent brand strategy can make the difference between standing out from the competition or getting lost in the crowd.

Grounded by market analysis, competitive assessment and customer research, we address the fundamental issues of brand naming, architecture and messaging – and then work with clients to bring the brand to life by ensuring consistent, clear, and meaningful communication at all customer touch points.  All of which must be successfully backed up by the products, services and support your organization brings to market.

We work with customers to define and refine their brands in the following ways:

  • Brand strategy creating meaningful differentiation for new and existing companies, products, or services including brand platform development from naming, architecture, positioning and key messaging to implementation.
  • B2B branding – providing the differentiation to gain a competitive foothold, support growth and improve financial returns for early stage enterprises and established companies alike.
  • Merger and acquisition branding – helping organizations make decisions on existing brands, address new brand hierarchies and naming, and launch initiatives to drive changes throughout the organization and communication programs to the newly merged customer base.
  • Reinvigorating brands – setting your brand on the right course from comprehensive brand health assessments through adjustment planning.
  • Operationalizing the brand – delivering the tools, communications and training to enable employees to activate and manage the brand company-wide.

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