Leveraging the 3 C’s – Communication.  Collaboration. Community – to build the 4th:  Customers!

Bruce Temkin of Forrester Research speculates that customer experience is impacted by six tenants or laws, which he tongue-in-cheek equates with the three laws governing physics. These laws are:

  1. Every interaction creates a personal reaction.
  2. People are instinctively self-centered.
  3. Customer familiarity breeds alignment.
  4. Unengaged employees don’t create engaged customers.
  5. Employees do what is measured, incented, and celebrated.
  6. You can’t fake it.

While the interrelationships between these tenants are to a large degree common sense, it’s the middle two, numbers 3 and 4, upon which our core philosophy is based.  We believe in the value of enlisting, or engaging, each and every employee to embody your brand and there’s no better way to engage an employee than to link them to the customer experience.

Engaging employees begins with internal marketing.  Make sure that the big picture—the market you’re addressing, the problem you solve for that market, and why they care ($$) that you’re solving their problem–is understood by each and every employee.  Get them jazzed, fired up, excited—Ignite the Passion!  If they don’t care, it will come through loud and clear at every customer touch point.

We work with clients to leverage the 3 C’s in the following ways:

  • Become One Company — It is imperative that your employees can connect anytime, anywhere, with anyone. Digital natives are entering the workforce and are accustomed to communicating and connecting in very different ways than their co-workers from older generations. Digital Immigrants are retiring and key knowledge may be lost. We work with you to define a plan for increasing the collaboration, communication and sense of community across your organization.
  • Transform Information into Knowledge — Information is passing between people all the time – via email, telephone, or in person during a conversation—both internal and external to the organization. This communication is vital to how we work, but traditionally the information stays among the few involved in the exchange. Imagine giving discussions a home, opening them up to others and making them actionable. We work with you to develop a collaborative environment to unlock insight, discovering:
  • Who is talking to whom
  • Who is most influential
  • Who else is interested in the conversations but isn’t yet contributing
  • Who has the questions and who has the answers
  • Whether the conversation is positive, or negative or neutral

We’ll show you how to use this knowledge to drive your business forward externally – resulting in improved customer service, faster innovation, smarter customer intelligence – or internally, with rapid employee on-boarding and secure, yet shared knowledge.

  • Launch Social Networking — We’ll work with you to understand how emerging social and mobile technologies will impact your lines of business. We’ll walk through each area, detailing what is happening today and providing concrete recommendations on not only how product development and marketing needed to change, but also the stresses the company will face internally as employees became more engaged via social technologies. A major reason why digital strategies fail is not because of the lack of planning, but because of inexperience in how to lead in an uncertain environment of a changing technology landscape. When implementing new technologies, companies often undergo a fundamental transformation in the way they are organized and managed. Leaders need to be aware of the stresses they will encounter along the way and prepare accordingly.
  • Read the tea leaves of Social Analytics — Stop guessing and start quantifying. Identify untapped insights, experience, and expertise. Listen to conversations, track sentiment and quantify engagement for improved intelligence and faster innovation. Who is in your community? What are they talking about? Are they influential, connected or just watching? It’s not enough to merely listen and engage. You have to analyze the conversations – both inside and outside of your community – and measure the impact.

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