The Octane Group is a management consulting firm dedicated to helping businesses maximize their performance.

Building a high-performance organization is a multifaceted endeavor. It involves the strategic balance of investments in people, processes, and technology while capitalizing on the right market opportunity at the right time.

We believe speed is a competitive advantage.  We also believe an open channel of communication is critical.  And in today’s world more than ever, high performance is all about executing with precision and efficiency.

We’re strategic thinkers with a bias for results.  And, we’re big on ideas:  ideas about opportunities, insights, capabilities and results.   At the same time, we know ideas aren’t worth much without actions to back them up. Our ideas are well-grounded—we not only understand how to make things happen, we have the ability to do it. From research to implementation, we don’t just think and plan, we do.

We’re experts at helping businesses succeed. Long before we became consultants, we proved ourselves as practitioners — working in the trenches and doing firsthand what it takes to launch a product, revive a brand, or enter a new market.   We’ve served as managers, directors, VPs, CMOs, COOs, and even company presidents and CEOs. We’ve helped dozens of companies of every size get more out of their growth opportunities, customer bases, and marketing investments by combining smarter thinking with better execution.  Our work includes everything from launching new products and services, refining brands, discovering markets, and identifying customers to fine-tuning marketing and sales efforts for increased efficiency and improved results.  And, The Octane Group has strategic relationships with venture capital and private equity firms designed to help clients access the capital needed to accelerate growth.

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