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Welcome to The Groove!

February 20th, 2010

Welcome to the inaugural post for The Octane Group’s blog—The Groove.  Being that we’re all about helping organizations achieve high performance, it’s only fitting that we want to take the most expeditious, fastest, and proven route to help you get there, and in the racing world, that’s The Groove! The Groove is the path through a turn that is the optimum racing line. Some tracks have both a high groove and a low groove. In the high groove, a car is faster through the corner, has a faster exit speed, but must travel a greater distance. In the low groove, the car has less distance to travel, prevents others from getting inside and passing, but sacrifices speed through the corner and exit speed.  In our world, different organizations are competing in various markets—each with their own twists, turns and curves (or curve balls!).  The Octane Group is here to help you find your Groove!

Over the years, and through the school of hard knocks, we’ve learned that building a high-performance organization is a multifaceted endeavor.  It involves the strategic balance of investments in people, processes, and technology while capitalizing on the right market opportunity at the right time.   So…here are our core beliefs that we bring to every engagement:  We believe speed is a competitive advantage.  We also believe an open channel of communication is critical.  And in today’s world more than ever, we believe operating at high performance is all about executing with precision and efficiency.

As we work together, you’ll find we’re strategic thinkers with a bias for results.  And, we’re big on ideas:  ideas about opportunities, insights, capabilities and results.   At the same time, we know ideas aren’t worth much without actions to back them up. Our ideas are well-grounded—we not only understand how to make things happen, we have the ability to do it.  From research to execution, we don’t just think and plan, we do. We “frame” our expertise into four practice areas:  Corporate Strategy, Marketing & Sales Strategy, Product & Service Strategy, and Business Technology Strategy.   Our focus revolves around producing results that enable our clients to:

Capture Growth Opportunities: From identifying opportunities and developing a go-to-market strategy to actually taking it to market.

Sharpen Marketing Investments: Evaluate and improve the ROI on marketing investments by mapping activities to results, identifying strategies that drive desired customer/prospect behaviors and attitudes.

Build Organizational Alignment: We understand the importance of internal marketing.  Often, informing, communicating and collaborating with employees goes overlooked or undervalued.  We believe in the value of enlisting each and every employee to embody your brand.

Leverage Technology to Accelerate Business Results: We leverage our extensive network of technology experts to provide feedback and recommendations on technology vendors and trends so you can focus on leading your business and letting technology enable it.

Our Blog will focus on how to maximize your organization’s performance in each of these areas.  We look forward to the dialogue with you and will rely on your candid feedback, opinions, and questions.  So, join us!  Get your Groove On, Get in the Groove—whatever works for you!!  Let’s get moving and accelerate to reach your organization’s maximum performance.

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